AI is not always intelligent

I saw a screenshot on a Reddit post about an interaction with ChatGPT. I thought I would test it out myself and headed over to ChatGPT to try it out. It did exactly the same thing (see my own screenshots below).  So, although we are experiencing this massive evolution of AI in all avenues, we … Read more

AI Prompts and Responses for Computer Applications Technology

Join me in a collaborative experiment to create prompts that our students can use to learn from or revise with, using ChatGPT. So here is some feedback so far. I am testing ChatGPT with various prompts based on the same content. The goal is try and establish the most efficient way to ask ChatGPT questions to … Read more

CAT – Examinable skills document

At the IEB conference today I presented my CAT Examinable skills workbook. It consists of all the skills, according to CAPS and IEB SAGs, that a teacher can assess, per software application. The workbook consists of Bloom’s taxonomy as applied to a practical exam and each practical application or area we assess in Computer Applications … Read more

Transforming My Classroom

My classroom is the place where I spend the most time at school. I want it to be an environment that is engaging, inspiring, interesting and interactive. I also want it to be a place where I feel happy and confident. I initially tried to “brighten up” my classroom with a bunch of posters on … Read more

Learn about Algorithms: A Content Pack for Teachers and Learners

Algorithms are covered in Computer Applications Technology in IEB schools. It is included in the Subject Assessment Guidelines document for Grade 10. I have created a content pack for teachers and learners, covering algorithms. It consists of interactive PowerPoint presentations, videos, templates and tasks. I have included everything in a download in my shop. Here is … Read more