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Trinity: Grade 10 CAT Digital Notebook

A complete C.A.T. curriculum in one digital notebook

* Video lessons
* Activities linked to each lesson
* Resources
* Solutions for all activities
* Student section
* All material cross-linked throughout the notebook
* Tagged content for quick and easy searching
* Can be used online or offline

121 videos, 134 lessons, 101 activities

For more information go to the Grade 10 CAT Digital Notebook page

Why Choose C.A.T.?

Computer Applications Technology…do you actually know what the subject is about? Do you need assistance convincing your current Grade 9’s (or teachers or even your principal) on the necessity of this subject? Take 15 minutes…and watch this video.

Collaborative Crossword Puzzle

Another great example of teacher collaboration. With an online MS Excel document, I typed out a whole bunch of various words used in Computer Applications Technology. I then shared the document publicly and various teachers contributed definitions. I then converted the list to import into the free Eclipse Crossword application and made a huge crossword … Read more

The Ultimate CAT Digital Notebook for Grade 10 teachers and learners

A year-long project in the making, it is now done! A complete digital notebook for Grade 10 CAT teachers and learners to enable learner self-led learning and have students learn at their own pace, on their own terms. The teacher becomes a guide and facilitator, rather than forcing everyone to work at the same pace … Read more

Finding, Installing and Using a Font

I love fonts! Fonts can really add to your content/presentation. In this quick tutorial, I show you how to find and install a font and then use it on a PowerPoint slide.

A PowerPoint fax machine

I needed a specific type of visual for a particular slide I was designing for my Grade 10 CAT classes. I wanted to have a fax machine scanning a piece of paper. Now, I know I could probably find a GIF or video somewhere but I rather like creating my own material. So I created … Read more

The difference between a formula and a function

A video I made for my grade 10’s explaining the difference between a formula and a function in MS Excel. I hope it makes sense! I find many students do not know the difference or when to use which approach.

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