55 mark Grade 10 CAT Theory Quiz

I made a multiple-choice quiz consisting of various questions covering input, output, hardware, software and networking from work covered for Grade 10 Computer Applications Technology. It is 55 marks, 10 of those marks are typed in answers requiring manual marking but the rest are all self-marking. It's nothing pretty or amazing but should give you a good idea on your learners' grasp of the basics after a few months into their first year of C.A.T.

Answer order options are shuffled so it's randomised for each student.

I broke it down into four sections:

  1. Multiple choice basic
  2. Identify hardware devices/features
  3. Network technologies
  4. Typed-in answers

I leave the typed-in answers at the end so it's easier to just scroll down to the bottom and mark it quickly after the test.

Click/Tap the button below to access the form to duplicate it for yourself. You can then edit away and use for your own classes! I used Microsoft Forms as we use Teams etc. so it integrates really nicely into the Assignments section of our team.


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