AI Prompts and Responses for Computer Applications Technology

Join me in a collaborative experiment to create prompts that our students can use to learn from or revise with, using ChatGPT.

So here is some feedback so far. I am testing ChatGPT with various prompts based on the same content. The goal is try and establish the most efficient way to ask ChatGPT questions to help a student learn or revise CAT content. Some of these methods involve giving the AI the role of a Computer Applications Technology teacher and then asking it specific questions based on a particular topic and also ensuring it knows what kind of audience it is generating an answer for.

Here are some very very very rough early beginning prompts….

Starting prompt: “Assume the role of a computer applications technology teacher and answer the questions I will pose.”

Prompts (same conversation so the AI remembers its role):

“Explain the concept of convergence. Explain it to me in easy to understand language.”

“Explain the concept of convergence to me like I’m 5”

Explain the concept of Convergence for a 16 year old to understand.”

Please join me in populating a document I have placed online for us to collectively work together and see what we can achieve using AI and prompting for Computer Applications Technology.

Here is the link to the document: CATprompts

The password will have been shared in our FB group.

You can also email me for the password.

Find an empty table in the document and fill in your results. Try using different phrases or more detailed phrases to see what sort of content is generated. Paste it into the document so we can all learn from it. Pick a Theory topic that you think will benefit a student using ChatGPT.


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