CAT – Examinable skills document

At the IEB conference today I presented my CAT Examinable skills workbook. It consists of all the skills, according to CAPS and IEB SAGs, that a teacher can assess, per software application. The workbook consists of Bloom’s taxonomy as applied to a practical exam and each practical application or area we assess in Computer Applications Technology. I note when each skill appears in the curriculum and at which level I place each skill (easy, medium, difficult) in terms of lower, middle and higher order thinking. This is far from perfect, but hopefully serves as a guide at least.

The purpose of creating this document is to assist teachers when they are creating practical assessments, to keep track of the skills they are assessing and guide them in question creation to assess in a fair and balanced manner. Also, it is to help curb the assessment of the same skills more than once in an exam.

The document is not 100% authoritative and neither was it meant to be that way, so there is room for interpretation and some tweaking from the teacher’s side. The “crossover” skills section is incomplete.

Download the workbook here. Enjoy! I welcome any constructive feedback or input regarding things I may have left out by accident.

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