CAT – Examinable skills document

At the IEB conference today I presented my CAT Examinable skills workbook. It consists of all the skills, according to CAPS and IEB SAGs, that a teacher can assess, per software application. The workbook consists of Bloom’s taxonomy as applied to a practical exam and each practical application or area we assess in Computer Applications … Read more

A different approach?

I thought I’d try something a little bit different in regards to a practical assessment. I wondered what it would be like to have my students choose what skills they would prefer to be assessed on, instead of me giving them specific instructions. I have yet to mark the results but I really wanted to … Read more

SIERRA : The Grade 11 CAT Notebook is here!

The next notebook, after TRINITY, is here! The CAT Grade 11 Digital Notebook is a OneNote notebook that can be used by students and/or teachers who are interested in doing CAT…differently. The idea for creating a notebook such as this was based on the following principles: Learners become responsible for their own learning The teacher … Read more