ICT Skills Worksheets for Grade 8 and 9

I made some basic worksheets for Grade 8 and 9 computer literacy and ICT skills. Here they are as editable MS Word files for anyone who would like to use them. The last activity is an Internet treasure hunt for them to learn how to use search engines properly. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtKmnWFUpfOEhPpjHN1uW7aZbVkeNQ?e=9ximve    

New Tricks For Teaching With Technology in 2021 | Interview with Matthew Hains

A great experience from last year, an interview by Francois “Superteacher” Naudé. We got to discuss teaching and tech, teaching during Covid-19 and more. I am very grateful to Francois for the opportunity to discuss what makes Check out Francois’ Facebook page for more information about his business, Phoenix Education Engineers.

Professional ICT Development for Teachers

As promised, here is the video from my training I did with our staff on “Preferred ICT Skill Levels for Teachers“. I actually re-recorded the video to make it more generic for other schools . It shows a few excerpts from the booklet I made and also introduces the Microsoft Educator Centre for teachers to … Read more

Professional Teacher ICT Development at the Microsoft Educator Centre

There are so many fantastic courses, learning paths and materials available on the Microsoft Educator Centre. Any teacher can benefit from signing up and trying their courses. It’s easier than you think. Select a course, go through the material and do a short quiz afterwards. You can earn badges (I’m not a ‘badge’ person myself … Read more

Preferred ICT Skill Levels for Teachers

Technology has invaded almost every space in our society. Education is not exempt from this invasion. Technology is an enabler, an enhancer, a platform to do far more than what was possible even twenty years ago. As teachers, it is our responsibility to weave technological knowledge and skills into our teaching and also our own … Read more

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