CAT – Examinable skills document

At the IEB conference today I presented my CAT Examinable skills workbook. It consists of all the skills, according to CAPS and IEB SAGs, that a teacher can assess, per software application. The workbook consists of Bloom’s taxonomy as applied to a practical exam and each practical application or area we assess in Computer Applications … Read more

Learn about Algorithms: A Content Pack for Teachers and Learners

Algorithms are covered in Computer Applications Technology in IEB schools. It is included in the Subject Assessment Guidelines document for Grade 10. I have created a content pack for teachers and learners, covering algorithms. It consists of interactive PowerPoint presentations, videos, templates and tasks. I have included everything in a download in my shop. Here is … Read more

SIERRA : The Grade 11 CAT Notebook is here!

The next notebook, after TRINITY, is here! The CAT Grade 11 Digital Notebook is a OneNote notebook that can be used by students and/or teachers who are interested in doing CAT…differently. The idea for creating a notebook such as this was based on the following principles: Learners become responsible for their own learning The teacher … Read more

These are the slides you’ve been waiting for! THEORY!

Here they are! My beauties, my pride and joy, the fruit of my labour, the effort and results of many, many hours! The presentations I created that I used to create my Theory-based lessons for my YouTube channel are now available for teachers to purchase and have complete access to use and edit as they … Read more

Word of the Week – 100 words download bundle

Here it is! One hundred terms for Computer Applications Technology! Enjoy this complete 100-word bundle of printable “Word of the Week” posters from Michelle Meyer. Michelle has tirelessly and relentlessly pursued the task of creating a computer technology-related term poster for Computer Applications Technology teachers and students for every single week of the year. Not … Read more