Collaborative Crossword Puzzle

Another great example of teacher collaboration. With an online MS Excel document, I typed out a whole bunch of various words used in Computer Applications Technology. I then shared the document publicly and various teachers contributed definitions. I then converted the list to import into the free Eclipse Crossword application and made a huge crossword … Read more

Professional Development for Teachers: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more

I was given an hour to do some basic training for our staff at my school – before the start of our new Term. I love creating content and training teachers! So, I created some content covering some basic skills that I thought teachers could make use of and I put it into an online … Read more

55 mark Grade 10 CAT Theory Quiz

I made a multiple-choice quiz consisting of various questions covering input, output, hardware, software and networking from work covered for Grade 10 Computer Applications Technology. It is 55 marks, 10 of those marks are typed in answers requiring manual marking but the rest are all self-marking. It’s nothing pretty or amazing but should give you … Read more

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