Slide and Screen Recording in PowerPoint

PowerPoint is not just for slides and pictures. It allows one to create fully-engaging presentations with multimedia and narration. Yes, multimedia and narration have always been around but live annotating, a presenter cam and screen recording make PowerPoint a very powerful tool when creating content for your students. As we learn how to handle this … Read more

Algorithm Pack for Teachers and Learners

Algorithms are a relatively new concept to Computer Applications Technology teachers and learners, in IEB schools anyway. It is included in the Subject Assessment Guidelines document for Grade 10. I decided to create a content pack for teachers and learners, covering algorithms. It consists of interactive PowerPoint presentations, two videos that I made, templates and … Read more

Microsoft Teams digital workshop available

A complete online digital workshop created by Matthew Hains. It covers everything a teacher needs to know about using Microsoft Teams in their class and school. There are notes for every section and 21 custom-made video tutorials created for every section. Access to a private YouTube playlist is provided but videos are also available to … Read more

New Wakelet Collections for Teachers and Students

I have created various Wakelet collections filled with links to resources that I think are applicable for teachers and students. Every time I find a tool, a resource, an article or something useful that a teacher or student would appreciate, I add it to the appropriate collection. Wakelet is a fantastic site for sharing bookmarked … Read more

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