Concurrent Teaching Instructional Videos

As our school moves more into a concurrent teaching model due to Covid 19 restrictions, I have been making a training Notebook (with OneNote) for our staff to work through consisting of lessons and quizzes. The aim of the notebook and contents is to enable our staff to gain proficiency and competency in the use of technology for concurrent teaching.

I followed the model that the Microsoft Educator Centre uses: course material and then a quiz after each section.

I thought I’d  make my videos available here for any other schools wanting to see how we are tackling staff development. We use Microsoft Teams and have also standardised how our our classroom connections have been installed.

If you are interested in custom content for your school or would like online training, do let me know.

Here is the intro video

Here is the playlist of 9 lessons that go along with the content and quizzes in our staff notebook

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