Coronavirus shutting school down – What about teaching online?

The idea of schools shutting down in South Africa to combat the spread of a new strain of Coronavirus seems that it may become a reality. We need to be equipped as teachers to continue teaching and engaging with our classes remotely with the aid of technology. Instead of fearing the situation of having to engage with your class online, rather face it with a positive attitude and appreciate the fact the technology fully enables us to accomplish our teaching tasks as if we were in the class in person.

Teachers are meant to be problem-solvers, solution seekers...just like their students. Don't tell your students to be 21st century thinkers, when you are not.

I've created an online notebook (work-in-progress) and will be updating it as time permits to present the most relevant and useful information for South African teachers who may be facing the prospect of teaching their classes remotely. It covers tools and applications, methods, ideas and resources for remote teaching and student engagement online. If you, as a teacher, have some ideas that you would like to contribute to the notebook, please do let me know and I can add you as a contributor to add content.

Learn how to use Microsoft Teams to equip yourself to teach from anywhere

I have created a digital workshop for teachers to equip them with the skills to use Microsoft Teams efficiently so that they can teach from anywhere.

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