Feedback on my book: Digital Classroom Resource

The Cambridge Digital Classroom Resource is reference tool to support learners in their understanding of the theoretical concepts presented in Computer Applications Technology.

This dictionary covers terminology for the FET Phase of the South African Computer Applications Technology curriculum, as prescribed by the CAPS (Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement), and is written in clear, easy-to-understand language.

Also included is new terminology which will be of benefit to those taking Information and Communication Technology courses. The Fourth Industrial Revolution and future technology is addressed with terms and references of benefit to the reader.

The Cambridge Digital Classroom Resource is an essential publication for learners and teachers following any ICT curriculum who are eager to embrace 21st Century Skills

What do others have to say about it?

“This is a really excellent new resource for the CAT classroom! It has a broad scope, which means that it can be used not only for revision of the more basic concepts, but also for enrichment. It presents terms and ideas in an accessible English, and with apt and engaging graphics.

While it is certainly very useful as a general reference work in which learners can look up the meaning of forgotten or unfamiliar terms, it can also be used conveniently alongside the standard textbooks, as learners encounter new terms and concepts for the first time. Learners who wish to confirm their understanding of concepts taught in class will find it most useful to see those same concepts explained in different words, or from a different perspective.

This is such an eminently useful book, with such an apt selection of material well presented, that it should be considered an indispensable resource – not only for CAT, but for any ICT course.

Of in goeie Afrikaans’n Vrek oulike boek wat ek sterk aanbeveel!”

— Sandra Jacobs, Study Opportunities

“Super psyched!! I’m definitely going to add this to the recommended resource list for all CAT students – perfect to have with you when doing homework or studying for theory to quickly look up a word. Easy to understand definitions that has a perfect balance between simplicity and detail. Love the beautiful design! Simply a must buy!!”

— Claire Smuts, CAT teacher

“Matthew Hains’s resource guide is a combination of simplicity and comprehensiveness. While it covers all essential terminology and concepts for both Computer Applications Technology and Information and Communication Technology, this alphabetised resource tool avoids the complicated “geek-speak” jargon and instead, provides learners with simple and easy-to-understand definitions. With its practical compact design and full-colour pages, the Digital Classroom Resource is a must have reference for any learner or teacher in the Tech-field and comes highly recommended, straight from App to Zip.”

— M Meyer, Subject Head of C.AT. at Brainline Learning World

“Loving my new Resource book. It’s so up-to-date – full of all the latest technologies and buzz words.”

— D Jarvis, IT Teacher

“Received this awesome book today. It is stunning. I would like to have my grade 8 and 9 learners order for next year.”

— S Ferreira, CAT teacher

“The more I dive into this book, the more I am simply blown away by it – it is so much more than I expected from a ‘terminology’ resource. I see concepts brought together that takes me forever to research each time I prepare for lessons. Never mind the learners using this for homework, from now on this will be my number 1 resource to prepare for lessons! If only this was available when I started teaching CAT!”

— Claire Smuts, CAT teacher

“Wow! Ordered my book Monday morning and received it today! Super fast! Excellent book!”

— K Coetzer, CAT & IT Teacher

“This will definitely be useful with my CAT group. Makes it much easier for them to grasp. Thanks Matthew”

— T Marshmann, CAT teacher

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