Let’s Talk About Computer Applications Technology

The first open, online, discussion of its kind goes live on Thursday at 19:00 (GMT). If you have not registered to be a part of it, please do so here. All teachers who have registered will be emailed with two links. One link to be a part of the chat via a MS Teams meeting, and another to watch and comment via a live YouTube stream. Teachers can select which one they would prefer.

What is it?

A national discussion consisting of CAT teachers from across South Africa. Topics will include the present state of Computer Applications Technology, the content of the subject, the future of the subject and whatever else the majority of educators would like to discuss regarding the subject.

When is it?

Thursday, 3rd of March 2022. Online in a Microsoft Teams meeting and also live via YouTube.

Who is it for?

All Computer Applications Technology teachers or relevant subject advisors who want to constructively engage with teachers concerning the subject. Anyone involved in the teaching of computer technology subjects are welcome to participate.

Why are you doing this?

    1. It’s never, to my knowledge, been done before.
    2. Teachers need to have a voice.
    3. Teachers’ voices need to be heard.
    4. Increase the professional engagement within the community of Computer Applications Technology teachers.
    5. To actively discuss the subject, the pros and cons, the future, the ups and downs, what is working and what is not.
    6. Why not?

What do you hope to accomplish from this?

If nothing else, perhaps just a greater admiration and respect for the teachers of this great subject. But, hopefully, perhaps, the start of progressive change for the subject and its teachers if the right people are paying attention and listening to the teachers.

What do you want from the participants?

Engagement! Participation! Inspiring ideas. Active discussion. Real experiences and honest thoughts. Constructive criticism. Productive discussion.

What don’t you want from the participants?

Moaning, whinging, whining, complaining, blaming…etc…you get the idea.

Who is running this? Is it affiliated to anything?

This is my idea. I am Matthew Hains, a CAT teacher. I am not affiliated with any organisation or institution and I am running this chat of my own volition.

How do I participate?

Register here and a link will be sent to you to access the chat.

Registrations will close on Thursday at 12:00.


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