Microsoft Edge – Teachers share their tips

Here is a collaborative effort from five teachers, around the world, who have never met in person. Each teacher in the video (including myself) met for the first time in a Microsoft “TweetMeet” event on Twitter in June 2020. We were discussing some of the cool new features of the new Microsoft Edge browser built up from the Chromium browser. I suggested each teacher make a short video showcasing something they like about the browser and then I would put the videos together in one complete video for others to watch and perhaps learn something from it.

So, each teacher got busy making a short video showing something they liked about the new Microsoft Edge browser.

Here is final result!

A collaborative effort from teachers in the UK, France, Belgium, Austria and South Africa!

My heartfelt thanks go to the following awesome teachers for their time and enthusiasm:

  • 0:11 The Immersive Reader
  • 2:17 New Tab/Start Screen & Office 365 Integration
  • 3:55 PDF Features in Edge
  • 5:16 Multiple accounts in Edge
  • 8:32 Using the Collections Feature
  • 11:02 Favourites in Edge

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