A complete C.A.T. curriculum in one digital notebook

  • Video lessons
  • Activities linked to each lesson
  • Resources
  • Solutions for all activities
  • Student section with notes
  • All material can be cross-linked throughout the notebook
  • Can be used online or offline
  • Tagged content for quick and easy searching
  • Can be used as individual notebook or integrated as a class notebook


The CAT Grade 11 Digital Notebook is a OneNote notebook that can be used by students and/or teachers who are interested in doing CAT…differently. The idea for creating a notebook such as this was based on the following notions:

  • Learners become responsible for their own learning
  • The teacher becomes a guide and facilitator
  • Learners are exposed to self-led learning principles by engaging with the content at their own pace
  • The learners who enjoy CAT and have a natural inclination towards it, move along as fast as they like with nothing holding them back
  • The learners who require a little more attention than others can have more dedicated time from the teacher and not feel left behind
  • Recorded lessons can be watched over and over again
  • The notebook serves as a digital portfolio of their work for the year

The notebook contains everything needed and can be used completely offline. Videos in high-quality MP4 files are available for purchase as an extra for schools who perhaps don’t have decent internet access or any access at all. Use online or offline!

Please make sure you have OneNote Desktop version installed.

The notebook consists of video lessons, activities, solutions and resources. Students get a ‘Learning Path’ to follow and work through.

This notebook is provided as-is. No guarantee is made that it has covered every single aspect of CAT for Grade 11. Where something may be missing, you are welcome to contact me and let me know. Whilst I have done my best to cover what I can, I do not take responsibility for any missing content, any errors or omissions. This notebook is a guide, an aid, an enhancement, a facilitative tool. It is not a replacement for the teacher or textbook. It is assumed you are experienced with OneNote. Links to OneNote training and resources are provided in the Notebook for teachers.

I make no promises with this material! But…I have put a tremendous amount of effort into it and use with my own Grade 11’s. It will continue to evolve. All content in the notebook, except for linked textbook activities, is copyrighted © Matthew Hains. Please do not share this notebook with anyone.

To use as a Class Notebook, a Microsoft account with an Education license may be required.

For more info and video, check out the Sierra: Grade 11 CAT Digital Notebook page.


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