Ten Days Teaching Online: What I’ve Learnt So Far- Part 2

After ten days of jumping into online teaching and wading through the quagmire of “How to’s..” and “Do’s and don’ts”…I can say we have learnt a few things! Of course, we continue to learn each day. Here are some of my thoughts on teaching remotely, also including Microsoft Teams: Try not to post on weekends … Read more

Ten Days Teaching Online: What I’ve Learnt So Far – Part 1

Schools were shut down and everybody started scrambling to find the best way to continue, online. Our school fortunately, already had some experience in using online tools for the management of classes and work. It was a matter of teacher training and preparedness. Two days were definitely not enough for me to train up everyone … Read more

Microsoft Teams digital workshop available

A complete online digital workshop created by Matthew Hains. It covers everything a teacher needs to know about using Microsoft Teams in their class and school. There are notes for every section and 21 custom-made video tutorials created for every section. Access to a private YouTube playlist is provided but videos are also available to … Read more