Scanning written work using OneDrive for Exam Submission in MS Teams

If students are doing an exam that is a standard pen & paper but are required to submit it digitally, here is a tutorial I made for our students assisting them in scanning their work using OneDrive and then submitting via a Microsoft Teams assignment. I recorded it in two parts. Part 1 is a … Read more

Channel calendars, meeting options and the lobby in MS Teams

This video addresses some of the various challenges we are dealing with when it comes to online teaching such as having students see their scheduled meetings on a calendar, being made attendees instead of being presenters and not being able to start up meetings before the teacher gets there! I hope this will help teachers … Read more

Professional Teacher ICT Development at the Microsoft Educator Centre

There are so many fantastic courses, learning paths and materials available on the Microsoft Educator Centre. Any teacher can benefit from signing up and trying their courses. It’s easier than you think. Select a course, go through the material and do a short quiz afterwards. You can earn badges (I’m not a ‘badge’ person myself … Read more