Professional Development for Teachers: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more

I was given an hour to do some basic training for our staff at my school – before the start of our new Term. I love creating content and training teachers! So, I created some content covering some basic skills that I thought teachers could make use of and I put it into an online … Read more

Inserting a PowerPoint presentation into a PowerPoint presentation

If you use PowerPoint a lot, like myself, you may find that sometimes you have some slides from another presentation that you would like to include in your current presentation. Before you do what I have seen too many teachers do – have both open and manually switch between presentations while everyone watches and waits … Read more

Slide and Screen Recording in PowerPoint

PowerPoint is not just for slides and pictures. It allows one to create fully-engaging presentations with multimedia and narration. Yes, multimedia and narration have always been around but live annotating, a presenter cam and screen recording make PowerPoint a very powerful tool when creating content for your students. As we learn how to handle this … Read more

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