The CAT Teacher’s Toolkit for 2022

Welcome to 2022!

If you are a new Computer Applications Technology teacher, welcome to the C.A.T. community! It is, indeed, a community of teachers like no other. If you are a more experienced teacher coming back to C.A.T., welcome back! If you are a C.A.T. teacher, starting another year in C.A.T., I hope this post benefits you and that you find something you may not have seen before.

Regardless of where you are in your professional journey, the subject of Computer Applications Technology remains as one of the most essential subjects a school could offer. Without the skills taught in Computer Applications Technology, one can find themselves falling behind very quickly in an age where technological skills are vital for everyday life.

The 2022 CAT Teacher’s Toolkit

If you are unsure of what you need or where to go for resources, help or just some support, here is a list of what I think you need to be a successful C.A.T. teacher this year.

The CAT/IT Teachers' Facebook GroupStarted in February 2012 by Matthew Hains. The private Facebook group has over 1 700 teachers all involved in CAT, IT or ICT. It is a professional forum for assistance, support, advice, discussions, sharing and more.
The Tech Teachers web siteThe Tech Teachers web site was created in 2012 by Matthew Hains to blog and share content for CAT teachers. The site has become very popular and hosts a massive resources section with lots of shared content from other CAT teachers.
MatthewHains.onlineMatthew Hains' own site where he shares content and resources for CAT teachers. It is an extension/continuation of the Tech Teachers web site and is updated more frequently than Tech Teachers.
Matt's Wakelet CollectionsCategorised resources and links for Computer Applications Technology teachers. Includes tools for teachers, professional development links, useful apps and links to great resources. Also is a category containing links to resources and sites by other CAT teachers.
The Digital Classroom ResourceAuthored by Matthew Hains and published by Cambridge University Press.

The Cambridge Digital Classroom Resource is reference tool to support learners in their understanding of the theoretical concepts presented in Computer Applications Technology.

It covers terminology for the FET Phase of the South African Computer Applications Technology curriculum, as prescribed by the CAPS (Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement), and is written in clear, easy-to-understand language.
Matthew Hains - YouTube channelMatthew Hains' YouTube channel where he posts his lessons and other useful videos for teachers.
Computer Classroom PostersWho doesn't need cool computer classroom posters? Check out all these types of informative modern posters for your classroom.
The Digital CAT Notebook for Grade 10A complete C.A.T. curriculum in one digital notebook

* Video lessons
* Activities linked to each lesson
* Resources
* Solutions for all activities
* Student section with notes
* All material cross-linked throughout the notebook
* Can be used online or offline
* Tagged content for quick and easy searching
* Can be used as individual notebook or integrated as a class notebook
Study Opportunities CAT TextbooksStudy Opportunities are like the "industry standard" when it comes to CAT textbooks! No classroom should be without these books.
Claire Smuts' YouTube channelAn essential channel to connect with for CAT exam and PAT run-throughs. Claire presents CAT materials in an easy-to-follow manner for students to revise for exams.
Mr Long Education"Don't do it the long way, do it the Mr Long way" ~ Mr Long

This channel is by Mr Long, an Information Technology (IT) & Computer Applications Technology (CAT) teacher from South Africa.
Education with Mr HamburyWelcome to the Education with Mr Hambury channel. On this channel we focus on CAT(Computer Applications Technology) for Grade 10-12 learners
CAT Word of the WeekA fantastic resource of printable material released every single week in 2020, from Michelle Meyer. Definitely worth sharing with your students for terminology reinforcement!
Getting started with...Very useful resource for students and teachers alike. The "Getting Started with..." booklets by Michelle Meyer are exceptionally useful for teaching and revision. They cover Word, Excel, Access and also HTML.
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