These are the slides you’ve been waiting for! THEORY!

Here they are! My beauties, my pride and joy, the fruit of my labour, the effort and results of many, many hours! The presentations I created that I used to create my Theory-based lessons for my YouTube channel are now available for teachers to purchase and have complete access to use and edit as they please.

147 custom-made presentations. 67 for Grade 10 and 80 for Grade 11

All categorised according to CAPS and completely editable. I have made all the fonts available that I used for all the files as well. Slides contain high quality images and/or embedded videos as well.

As much as I’d love to give them all away for free, I have simply put in too much effort to do that! So, I have made each PowerPoint file only R10 to make it as affordable for teachers as I can.

Please use Microsoft Office 2019 or Office 365. Also, each purchase comes with the fonts necessary for the presentation file. It is important to install the fonts please.

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Here is a full listing of all the content available

Grade 10

Topic Presentations Content See the slides in use
COMPUTER MANAGEMENT 1 ·   File types and extensions
COMPUTING CONCEPTS 11 ·   What is a computer?

·   An introduction to the main components of a computer system

·   Looking at the software in a computer system

·   Input/Storage/Output/Communication

·   Data versus Information

·   Convergence

·   Algorithm example

·   Friendship algorithm

·   Introduction to algorithms

·   Sample algorithm

·   ICT


E-COMMUNICATIONS 4 ·   What is e-communication?

·   Email – Electronic Communication

·   Fax to Email

·   Netiquette

·   Hyperlinks

ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES 1 ·   Green Computing: Recycle and E-Waste
HARDWARE 9 ·   What is hardware?

·   Ports and Connections

·   Input

·   Output

·   Storage

·   Primary storage vs Secondary storage

·   Hardware input devices

·   Hardware output devices

·   Processing

IMPACT ON SOCIETY 7 ·   Economic Reasons for Using Computers

·   Staying safe online and while using email

·   How ICT affects our lives and lifestyles

·   The Impact of ICT

·   Ergonomics

·   The Digital Divide

·   Cyberbullying and Online Harassment

INTERNET AND WWW 7 ·   The Internet and IP Addresses

·   The World Wide Web

·   The World Wide Web (continued)

·   The Web Browser

·   Search engines

·   Upload and Download


·   Ethical use of computers

·   Software piracy, licensing and intellectual property

·   Email & Online Threats

·   Hackers and Crackers

·   Protecting your hardware

NETWORKING – PANS AND HANS 7 ·   Introduction to Networks

·   Components of a network

·   PANs and HANs

·   Obtaining Internet access

·   Network connection

·   Data transfer and synchronization between devices

·   LANs, MANs, WANs and GANs

SOFTWARE 11 ·   Software – What is software?

·   Graphical User Interface

·   Application vs System software

·   Windows Accessories

·   Applications software

·   System software

·   Types of Operating Systems

·   Computer and Device Security

·   More About Software

·   Software licensing

·   System software: Device Drivers

THE OPERATING SYSTEM 2 ·   Creating a quick-launch shortcut

·   Adding new peripheral such as a printer, mouse



Grade 11

Topic Presentations Content See the slides in use
COMPUTER MANAGEMENT 3 ·   File and Folder Management

·   Sharing of Files and Folders

·   General troubleshooting

COMPUTING CONCEPTS 6 ·   The Information Processing Cycle

·   Types of Computers

·   Categorising computers

·   The Role of ICTs in the Workplace

·   Types of Computers and their Features

·   Using Algorithms for Problem Solving

E-COMMUNICATIONS 5 ·   Types of online communication

·   Managing Email

·   Social Media and Social Networks

·   Uses and abuses of social networking

·   Protecting oneself against online abuse

ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES 1 ·   Power settings and protecting against power failure
HARDWARE 22 ·   Hardware: Input Devices

·   Hardware: Digital Camera and Scanning quality

·   Biometric input

·   Data collection and input devices

·   Input devices for users with a physical disability

·   Wireless input devices

·   Input devices in computer ads

·   Requirements for certain devices

·   Output and Output Devices

·   Primary, Secondary and Online (Cloud) Storage

·   Burning a Disc / Writing a CD/DVD

·   Wireless Output Devices

·   Output devices for physically challenged users

·   Output device specifications in adverts

·   Specifications of Storage Devices

·   Components of a computer system

·   The Boot-Up Process of a Computer

·   CPU specifications in adverts

·   Basic System Requirements

·   Suitable media for backup purposes

·   Basic Hardware Troubleshooting

·   POS example

IMPACT ON SOCIETY 6 ·   Various accessibility features in Windows

·   Computers and Human Error

·   Social Engineering

·   Staying safe online

·   How ICTs affect the workplace and employment practices

·   How technology can benefit or harm the economy

INTERNET AND WWW 11 ·   Online services

·   Use of Computer Communications: Use of Social Sites

·   Limitations of Fixed Internet Access

·   Mobile Internet Access

·   Concept of the IP address

·   Cloud computing

·   Browsing the Web

·   Advanced search engine techniques

·   Peer to Peer Networks

·   Blogs, Vlogs and Online Applications

·   An Intranet

LEGAL, ETHICAL AND SECURITY ISSUES 7 ·   AUP: Acceptable use policy

·   Network Safety and Security

·   Privacy Issues

·   Why anti-virus and anti-spyware programs need to be updated and how they function

·   Data protection: backup

·   Computer misuse

·   Hardware theft and protection


·   VPN: Virtual Private Network

·   Basic components of a network

·   Network Topologies

·   Wired and Wireless Networks

·   Basic Network Security

·   Cabling and Data Transfer Speeds

·   Disadvantages of Communication Channels

SOFTWARE 8 ·   The Role of Application Software – Utility software

·   Multimedia and Communication Software

·   Software compatibility issues

·   Versions, Patches and Service Packs

·   Software for physically-challenged users

·   Blogging

·   Online applications

·   Software installation

THE OPERATING SYSTEM 2 ·   5 Methods to create desktop shortcuts

·   Backing up to an external drive

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