Trinity: Grade 10 CAT Digital Notebook


The CAT Grade 10 Digital Notebook is a OneNote notebook that can be used by students and/or teachers who are interested in doing CAT…differently. The idea for creating a notebook such as this was based on the following principles:

  • Learners become responsible for their own learning
  • The teacher becomes a guide and facilitator
  • Learners are exposed to self-led learning principles by engaging with the content at their own pace
  • The learners who enjoy CAT and have a natural inclination towards it, move along as fast as they like with nothing holding them back
  • The learners who require a little more attention than others can have more dedicated time from the teacher and not feel left behind
  • Recorded lessons can be watched over and over again
  • The notebook serves as a digital portfolio of their work for the year

121 videos, 134 lessons, 101 activities

A complete C.A.T. curriculum in one digital notebook

  • Video lessons
  • Activities linked to each lesson
  • Resources
  • Solutions for all activities
  • Student section
  • All material cross-linked throughout the notebook
  • Tagged content for quick and easy searching
  • Can be used online or offline

The notebook contains everything needed (except online videos which require internet access) and can be used completely offline. Videos in high-quality MP4 files are available for purchase as an extra for schools who perhaps don’t have decent internet access or any access at all – that way, no connectivity is needed for the videos.

 Students get a ‘journey guide’ to follow and work through relevant content per term.

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Preview Video

Watch the video below to see a little bit about my thinking behind the notebook.

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Here is a complete overview of the Notebook so you can see what it contains before you decide to purchase it. If you have any questions, do contact me on

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Getting the Notebook into a Class Notebook

The file you will receive is a .onepkg file, which is made for OneNote Desktop- this is great for offline installs and local machine access. OneNote for Windows 10 does not support that. So, we have to do a slight workaround if you want to use the Class NoteBook. We have to unpack the file into OneNote 2016. Then we create a new Class Notebook online. Then we open the new notebook, copy/drag everything from the 2016 package into the new notebook. Open the new notebook in OneNote for Windows 10! 🙂